Benign tumors

Medical equipmentBenign tumors do not metastasize to other body areas but can grow to significant sizes.
They are due to an abnormal regulation of cellular growth and are usually well encapsulated within fibrous tissue. One such tumor is called a teratoma.

A teratoma is a tumor that has its name origin from the Greek word meaning “monstrous tumor” A teratoma is a tumor representing all three germ layers that forms tissues like hair, teeth, boon and rarely, more complex organs like a hand, torso or eyeball. It can contain tissue coming from any part of the body and, if not removed, can get to large sizes.

Teratomas are derived from germ cells occurring in the testes or ovaries. They usually occur in the midline of the body such as in the skull, neck, mediastinum, retroperitoneum, or attached to the coccyx. Sacrococcygeal teratomas are the most common tumor found in newborns.

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